Cantonese foul language, pornography and graffiti are recurring themes in Matsushimaon’s work since 2018. The artist re-works these vulgar elements, transforming them into a new form of artistic expression. Also known as the “Modern King of Kowloon”, his first solo exhibition “Cherry Popped” (2021) was a sold-out show. His works are part of various private collection.


2018年開始把廣東粗⼝⽂化、AV⾊情影⽚、街頭塗鴉結合,將 ⾊情不⽂詩句,以塗鴉形式實現於街頭,創造出⼀種全新的藝術 形式,更被稱為「現代九⿓皇帝」。 2021年⾸個個⼈展覽「破 處」,⼀致獲得好評,場場爆滿,亦是各藝術收藏家的新⽬標。


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